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Links recommended by/for WEMS Members​


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The Von Huene Early Music Workshop, Inc.​


Located in Brookline, Massachusetts (close to Boston).  Excellent resource for sheet music and they do online orders.  Also a seller of new and used instruments.

Boulder Early Music Shop​


Formerly located in Boulder, Colorado but now in Eugene, Oregon.  Another invaluable site for the purchase of instruments and sheet music.

​Courtly Music Unlimited​


Located in Warrensburg, New York, nestled in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  Richie and Elaine Henzler are welcoming and friendly and have a great selection of sheet music and have many different types of recorders for sale.

Honeysuckle Music


Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jean Olson is the proprietor and has a good reputation for researching and locating sheet music.

Gamut Music, Inc.


Located in Duluth, Minnesota, they are one of the best online resources for early music strings and Dan Larson, the owner, is a luthier who also builds quality instruments.

Jean-Luc Boudreau


Maker of professional quality recorders.


Florian Vorreiter Lutherie


A local luthier! His website says:

The storefront is located at 869 Westminster Avenue, Winnipeg. You can reach us by phone at (204) 869-0607 or via email at Please note that since the store is operated by craftspeople who spend most of their time in dusty workshops, we can only serve our customers by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

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